Painting for TherapY

As I am driving around our town I have to stop and snap pictures. I take this same road every time I go to town. This day the light at the end of Water Street (which runs parallel to the river, hence its name) made me think of the light at the end of the tunnel. There always is. Considering tunnels are darkish and at some point if you were on your hands and knees crawling you would see that light and it would encourage you.  Because i liked the light in this scene and it encouraged me i  snapped this picture. I will be working on an acrylic of this scene so be looking for it on my blog.

On caring for my husband who has an Early Onset Dementia

I used to wait for him to be in bed so I could paint. And he was in bed most of the time because the doctors had overdrigged him trying to help his severe agitation. Those drugs landed him in the Emergency room on a $48,000 helicopter ride and there they found his many medications were having a war with one another and he was losing. Anyhow they fixed him up and he is much better. He can sit with me while I paint and talk. He sometimes makes sense. It consoles him to be with me and the painting consoles me. So it is a win. But who can console me over the helicopter. That is just tragic. Tragic. They didn’t even tell me that they were putting him in a helicopter. They put him in an ambulance and the driver asked me for my phone number so he could call me with which hospital they took him to. He wrote my phone number on the rubber glove he was wearing. And then about 3 weeks feom that day i got the $48,000 bill.