742266c7-6fb5-480c-bfc8-38b73e19fbf7-1344-00000345c1b8f8b4_file-1I’m an artist who dabbles in


But, I’m trying to


on the two creative endeavors of writing and painting – acrylics and oils.  Right now I am particularly focusing on acrylics because the medium fits my life, easy to pull out, wash up, and put away between homeschooling my daughter and caregiving my husband.

I’ve been seriously painting for the past six years since my “forced retirement” where I have been taking care of my husband who got early dementia.

My blog is not really about dementia as much as it is about my take on it as an artist.  I think there is a needed pair of lenses for dementia care that can come out of the arts instead of the sciences.

I began this blog in 2015 when I was wanting to show my art.  I was painting story stones and creating clay creatures along with painting anything I set my heart to.  For about a year I couldn’t bring myself to do anything on the blog.  So it just sat there and I posted paintings once in awhile.

That’s when I painted


and stacks

of paintings.  They are all over the place at my house,  on all the walls, leaning against the walls in my bedroom.  I’ve given away many.  I have sold, I think, 2, to family. I have displayed some of my paintings at our local hospital art display program and at our local arts and cultural center.  I am glad to have the opportunity to display.  However, I don’t really ever feel that my paintings are completed enough to sell which is why I am always working on them. I’m still learning.

I also wrote my book, The Art of Caregiving.  But, because my editor got sick I didn’t publish it and decided that it was actually a good thing because I needed to work out some of how I was presenting the information.  It was cathartic to write it.  But catharsis is for me.  It needs to be helpful to those to read it.  So, I will gladly be working on that.

Then, more recently, I decided, with full steam, to move ahead with the writing on this art blog but to rename it from Art on Jasper Lane to The Art of Caregiving to include what I am doing in my life in the caregiving and in the art.


This is a blog, not a website, and therefore is dynamic. It contains opinions and ideas that may not be fully tested. The blog contains my opinions and is not representative of any opinion of any other person or organization I may be affiliated with. I am not a doctor or professional. Please seek professional advice for your specific caregiving needs. I write this blog to tell my story. I do the best I can to be as up to date as possible and accurate but there may be omissions, errors or mistakes so please know that the information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as any kind of advice. If you rely on any information on my blog, it is at your own risk.