glows, reflections, and shadows

Art Study:  Caregiver Reflections

I am sitting here drinking two drinks. Somehow I made it through the day without drinking much water so I’m making up for it now. So I’m downing the ice cold water and sipping the hot tea. It’s like fire and ice.

I can’t help but notice how cool the amber tea glows in the table. That cup is double walled and keeps the drink hot a long time. Then there’s the lights in the base of all three. The shadows are a grayish translucent, sorta almost purple. I am considering how that would be painted.

If got paid by the hour for my art I’d count this tea time in for sure…like the old lawyer time billing joke:

”I saw you on the street. Thought about your case. Turns out it wasn’t really you. Time:  two tenths of an hour”

This is precious time. The house is quiet.

Acrylic Work in progress: Brunette Beauty

 I went back to acrylics for this painting because I was working in the basement with a group of other artists and I was concerned that my oil paints would be to caustic since there wasn’t good ventilation. What I learned about doing the acrylics that has really made them easier to use is a technique of using a fine mist spray bottle to keep my pellet my waist since the acrylic paints tend to dry so quickly.  

Baby rolls and pink boots… The process as I do it. 

I had such bad rumples from the watercolor see below. So i wet the back and pushed it tight between books and in the process got out most of the rumples but put a crease in.  So i think this one is jist a practice and will be beginning another sans watercolors.  I learned a whole lot!!!

  Adding layers of pastel. 

  Adding in color with watercolor pencils. 

  Below is the first sketch with blocking in a bit of color with watercolor pencils. I plan is to first paint washy watercolors and then lay on pastels.