Backdrop in progress for Music and the Mind Stone Stories Adventure Camp

I originally was making the backdrop for storytelling from painters drop cloth and a tension rod but the space was just too wide and tension rods have their limits. 

So here is the backdrop in progress … 


4 x 8 insulation board is very easy but messy to cut. I have used to paint on for different projects in the past. Basically is paint on thin sheet of plastic but it works. I am presently painting a thatch roof for it. That will add an additional foot.  I created cardboard hinges and duck taped over it so it folds up nicely. I would make something like this out of plywood but I don’t like messing with heavy wood. However would be nice if it would be used over and over again. 

And those pretty curtains are Vera Bradley paper napkins stapled on. 😀

First attempt: stone cookies

The Oreos are coated in vanilla frosting with a little Oreo cookie dust sprinkled in. The dirt is Oreo cookies ground up along with white sugar and brown sugar. I will work on the grass next time I will have much thicker frosting and a smaller tip. I tried to use fork tines to lift up some blades of grass. But not bad for the first attempt I think.  Once I get this perfected will be a nice snack for our Music & the  Mind Event:  Stone Stories Summer Adventure Camp scheduled in mid July. Maybe I will get a few little characters and cars to go off roading through this imaginative dessert. 


Stone Soup Story Tiles

 What I did:

1.  Painted the illustrations on watercolor paper using acrylic paints.  See previous post below.  

2.  Took photos of the paintings with my iPhone.

3.  Used Microsoft word tables to make the 2″ tile size pictures.

4. Sent the page to local quick copy center. 

5. Cut out the pics. Could just cut squares for younger folks.  But I carefully cut out closely around the objects. 

6. Decoupaged using very thin layer of mod podge. Put a few additional costs of mod podge. Here’s a close up:  



These tiles will fit very well in the wipee box from the dollar store. The printed story is my version adapted from a very old fairytale I found online.



I have had such joy creating story stones. Actually I painted the stones before painting the large paintings. 

Stone Soup is s story of bringing together the little of what you have to help many.