Starting with the eyes I just start painting until I see what appears. It’s kinda like an owl hatchery around here right now. And the birds are calling loud now out in the trees behind my house. I have cardinals and they are the loudest and brightest birds I’ve ever seen. Cannot ever get a good picture though.

Someone asked me recently what the fascination with owls is. I’m not really sure but they are very beautiful.  I have spent a lot of time researching them and there are so many different looking owls. So I feel like I can paint them any way I want and there is one out there I think that must be that owl. Some owls look like they are smiling or have their heads turned upside down. I especially like to paint the fuzzy owlets and put glitter in their eyes. Color me an artist. I guess.

These are done with a combination of fabric markers and acrylic paint.
One time I developed a bird alphabet which I used here. The canvas needs to be ironed. I will be sewing these up soon but I would much rather invent concepts and paint.

Should this say owl wine with ya?  Or owl in a box, wine in a bottle. Wine in a box only when necessary but never owl in a bottle.

I think this little chick is wearing an owl acorn costume.  Agree?

Originally this purse’s front was the large flowers and the back got an owl because I love making them especially with the fabric markers.

This bird sings his own song.

This is a gnome door in a tree. The sign says gnome winers. Like no whiners. Of course after they wine there will be no more whine. Love creating concept art.

So my little sister said she wanted a sand castle. I want to go to the beach and make one. I’m the lady at the beach that is deep into making a sand castle with my children and hoping I am not getting sunburned.

In one month I have “learned” pastels and oils and have relearned some acrylic techniques. The only medium that is missing for me is watercolor. I will be dabbling soon in watercolor. It all started with my joining a local art group and taking up pastel art for the first time since high school. I did enjoy doing it but i developed a bronchial infection while using them and figure if I wanted to carry on I would need to wear protective gear. Now art plus protective gear did not add up in my estimation to any fun at all. So i have three pastel paintings that i finished and had framed as mementos of pastel. 

Bye pastel. If they don’t sell then I will be happy to make some wall space in my living room.

Oh and I forgot to mention, how could I forget this!  In my hey day of deathly pastel fever I ordered some good pastels for portraits from France. They cost $50 which Inthoight was expensive. Anyhow they cane shipped to my home with a packaging label warning that they in California estimation cause cancer. Not they may cause but they do cause, cancer. So I mailed them back for a refund and moved on to acrylics.

I have painted, being a crafter, with acrylics for years. But I never knew you could mist your palette with water to keep it from drying. Also can mist the canvas and blend colors well that way. I dont think I paint as well with acrylics ad I do oils.  

Heaven opens, angels start singing, the glow of the light turns a golden glistening shade. Oils. 

Ok. Need I say more?  

But right away i messed totally up and after rectifying the problems cue the angels. 

Problems have youtube solutions. 

Painting right from the tube. I did not know about adding stuff like linseed oil or thinners or anything remotely smart like fat over lean. So about maybe 25 oil painting youtubes I got the basics. And do I like oil painting. 

So here are my finished products from this months learning experience. I gave one away and took 2 out I dont think are my best. But what You see here are 3 finished and framed pastels, one acrylic (red dress) and 2 oils.  

I left out my Prismacolor pencil escapades but I may come back to that. 


Cardinal is “still life bombing”. 

Ok so i will admit it. I very much dislike still life paintings or drawings. So I joined a local art club where the members do art together once a week. My first time there they wanted to work on quick sketching skills with this still life. It bothered me that it was unfinished so i Prismacolor penciled pastelled and acryliced  it. Last minute added the cardinal who must’ve swooped in for a bit of yarn. Yesterday i stopped at a stop sign and there was a bright red cardinal in the road.  Made my heart beat fast.