I am calling this one “Daily Devotions” … Some more changes

 Some people do daily devotions and it got me thinking about that in relation to my picture which is a depiction of how truly devoted our four-legged friends are. This dog is named Titus and was rescued by my sister-in-law some years ago he had been about left for dead and he was emaciated and his growth with us forever stunted because of his beginnings.  I believe this picture shows the devotion of people and animals to one another. When I have changed now is the sky in order to make it less cartoonish and allow for me to put some color in her face and to keep that light that’s coming from behind. So this is my first oil painting and I plan to do more in the future.  

Let Your Light Shine

I was asked by a friend who is also a school teacher if i I had any art that I could donate to her school’s silent auction. I first thought of my recent pastel pieces (below:  see Protective Brother) but then i would have to mat and frame them which would be costly. So i discussed with her the possibility of an acrylic on canvas that would her school. The school mascot a dolphin and the motto this year “Let your light shine”. I immediately pictured a dolphin in the moonlight and ended up adding a child sitting high on a rock with a raised lantern:  a feeling that she is looking for someone to return and raising the lantern to guide them. She gets a  glimpse of a dolphin leaping which must have taken her mind off of the worry the tall waves had built in her mind. I considered including a sailboat being tossed about but decided instead that the picture story is of shining your light, hope, and the gift of the beautiful dolphin.  


Stone Soup Story Tiles

 What I did:

1.  Painted the illustrations on watercolor paper using acrylic paints.  See previous post below.  

2.  Took photos of the paintings with my iPhone.

3.  Used Microsoft word tables to make the 2″ tile size pictures.

4. Sent the page to local quick copy center. 

5. Cut out the pics. Could just cut squares for younger folks.  But I carefully cut out closely around the objects. 

6. Decoupaged using very thin layer of mod podge. Put a few additional costs of mod podge. Here’s a close up:  



These tiles will fit very well in the wipee box from the dollar store. The printed story is my version adapted from a very old fairytale I found online.



I have had such joy creating story stones. Actually I painted the stones before painting the large paintings. 

Stone Soup is s story of bringing together the little of what you have to help many. 


Music rocks in baby wipe container with chalkboard tape




What took the longest was taking off the big Elmo picture from the wipe container. I used a pampered chef scraper and Goo Gone. The rocks fit beautifully. The chalkboard tape is good and gluey so it went on nicely. I used chalk markers. The idea is that the teacher could erase and write in other details if desired. I like the chalk markers. They go on smoothly.

Art with Joel. This is the picture he chose

A nice young man entered an art contest for which he had very little time to prepare. His mother brought him to me and we worked first in a clay sculpture and then with acrylic. He brought a nice picture of an old rock structure in a field with hills in the distance. Since he had very little experience with painting I showed him how to water down the paint and out on washes of background shapes. This is a very shape driven painting. My eyes first land on the triangle if green field and then to the house. He left to finish his painting. I couldn’t leave mine undone so had to finish it up. May you win that contest Joel. You are an artist!

Since I’m thinking of all my art right now as backgrounds for my owls.., talked a few into posing in front. Of course they had no choice.



The Cypress By the Green Guadalupe

If you walk to the banks of the Guadalupe you will see that it is basically a tangle of Cypress tree root systems. I will be using this picture as a backdrop display for turtles I will be making from clay. I started a birthday gift for my dad today and used all but 2 penny size owls worth of clay. So I think the owl count will be 90. 😄