More detail for my toddler painting

Details details… I’m praying for this little one as I am painting him. A miracle is what I have been asked to pray for. Today’s his first day of chemotherapy.

4 thoughts on “More detail for my toddler painting

  1. This precious child is my smallest of my babyloves …Im praying for a miracle I’m praying Gods will is for him to have a full productive life for Gods glory… I’m grateful for your time and commitment to pray as well the portrait is beautiful I wish you could meet him he’s so loving and sweet he calls me Nonni I call him my love thank you God Bless Brenda Otis

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    • I would love to meet both of you. So many people are also praying for little Cash. God bless you all. He is indeed a glorious God and he did make little Cash. I’m so thankful for the opportunity as an artist to give something along with the prayer. It was really special moments for me feeling a connection while painting his little spunky face. I hope he gets this thing beat fast!!!


  2. Hi
    I’m Meme to Cash he is such a sweet and loving boy I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers and the painting is beautiful my daughter and son loved it we are needed as many prayers as people can pray he has been doing good with chemo treatments will keep you updated t
    Thank You
    Cashy Meme

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    • It is my joy to be asked to pray. I was glad to be able to do something. Right away I wanted to paint him. Even before I saw his picture. All the best to you and your family and I will continue to pray along with everyone I talk to and show a picture of my painting to. Lots of love!!! Julie Robinson


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