The picture I painted from showed a spunk in this little guy. I wanted to put that along with my prayers for him I to this painting so I signed it with a cross.

Details details… I’m praying for this little one as I am painting him. A miracle is what I have been asked to pray for. Today’s his first day of chemotherapy.

I belong to a Ladies Bible study group and we meet once a week to study and pray for each other and each other’s families. Well, yesterday one of the ladies brought up this little toddler who her daughter asked for prayer. His name is Cash. He begins 52 weeks of chemotherapy tomorrow. I immediately wanted to be able to paint his portrait!!! So here i go… I will update as I refine this painting. Scroll down to see the. Most current one at the bottom. God bless little Cash!!!

I love our river that goes through our town. I painted this from my imagination but it’s based on some amount of reality… I wanted to give a misty cook place and a warm glow place and I was excited to make some glassy reflective water as well as the white water that would be crashing over a log or rocks.

I’m finished with my Streetscape painting!!’ This painting tells a story of a Texas town which has worked hard to maintain its small town feel and has resisted tourism and has kept out the big box stores. But a storm is brewing, a storm that looks like it might be kinda pretty right now. Hobby Lobby is now being built across town which I hope doesn’t push out our small businesses. I hope, instead, it helps to improve the small businesses who must modernize, shine, and be the best they can be.

It’s all about never being finished with a painting. I’ve added a Ford truck splashing through a puddle with its taillights coming at ya!!!