My streetscape In progress… I am always forgetting to take progress pictures but they help me to see my painting differently, get its feel. I’m going for the brilliant feeling I get when I’m out at this time of evening when the lights of the town glow as well as the sunset. I’m also going for a sense of movement as well as a certain stagnation our town has which is something I like (oddly enough).

I am so honored to have won First Place Member’s Choice in the Kerrville Art Club show. This painting is one of my favorite ocean scenes. I loved painting all of the colors and the smeary misty feel of the foreground is almost like being there. I love it when a wave peeks up like that for the light to shine through. It is surely the sweet spot of the wave. I didn’t have to win, but winning was very special!

“Thirsty Cypress” oil painting on canvas board.

The river near me has these Cypress trees with amazing gnarly root systems. They capture my heart how they send those roots this way and that to keep alive.

Like the difference between spreading butter and jelly, is painting in oils now for me rather than acrylics. Now, mind you I refer to the butter that’s been sitting out on a summer day, all soft and shiny. I painted in the jelly of acrylics for several years and was afraid of oils with what seemed a complicated and dangerous occupation with the combustible and fume laden liquids.

I found a rosemary stand oil that says it’s safer to use but boy is it strong smelling. I keep it in a tightly sealed container. I use it to clean my brushes and to mix in the paint as needed remembering to paint fat over lean which is not too difficult of a rule to remember but it does take longer to dry so I have learned to use less. There’s a screen in the bottom and under there where I can’t see must be the stuff I scrub off the bristles and on the top is the pure oil which separates and rises like oil does.

So I am about painting over many of my old acrylic paintings – using the themes I once worked hours to develop and adding to it. That’s how this sheep got lost in my painting (above).

I am painting oil over acrylic canvases. This one is over a previous paint pour. If you look at The reflections in the silver you will see the leftover colors from the previous acrylic pour. In the front is my lavender spike oil. Boy is it scented! But it’s a turpentine alternative and supposed to be better/healthier.

I am trying to do a more painterly style described as not blending but laying the paint down and leaving brushstrokes. This is my daughter.

Oil painting of my granddaughter at the tailor. They didn’t think she’s ever wear this flower girl dress for an upcoming wedding. I just knew I needed to paint this scene as soon as My daughter sent it to me.

I’m still working on it… and am having such great enjoyment!!!