I was trying to remember all of the grocery items for my weekly shopping. Sometimes I just try to remember everything but today I decided to make an actual list. Of course I doodle while I think so that’s why this little sweet forlorn appearing girl “appeared” out of my doodle brain onto my grocery list. I’ve been experimenting lately with portraiture. Next I want to paint an undone blurry and sketchy portrait. I think I this little one needs to be painted.

I’ve been painting in oils and wanted to do some portraiture practice. This 1893 painting made this famous painter – famous! I didn’t do her exactly carbon copy. But I did practice doing the initial sketch with the oil paints instead of pencil in a (new for me) blocking in technique. Then I went about paintings shapes and darks and lights. Anyhow I like this painting. It is a limited palette in lemon yellow alizarin crimson cadmium red ivory black ultramarine blue and titanium white. I love how these colors blended. I couldn’t see well enough to make out the Japanese letters on the wallpaper so I just looked up some a b c’s and that’s basically what it is. I plan to try more portraits. Next I plan to try another famous painter TBD.

I’m back to painting more and thought that Laying acrylics aside for the time being and getting back into oils would be a good way to do that.

I’ve decided to switch to oils.

Loving the brushstrokes!!!

MY BOOK IS FINISHED! I am waiting to hear what two different readers, both RN’s, have to say about my book. Please take a look at my “press release” below. I plan to self publish it on Amazon Kindle just as soon as the final touches are made. I created the entire book on the Pages app on my iPad Pro. I loved being able to use the apple pen to recreate the yellow sticky note (below) that was on the cover of the actual yellow book we used for my husband.

See info about The Yellow Book in a previous post.

THE YELLOW BOOK, Our Family’s Story of Early Frontotemporal Dementia

By Julie Robinson

Author’s Bio

Julie Robinson, author of THE YELLOW BOOK, Our Family’s Story of Early Frontotemporal Dementia, learned how to be a caregiver when her husband, a once brilliant attorney was as she calls it, “taken away by early dementia.” She, an artist, relied on creativity to be able to best balance the peculiar needs of her still young family. While her husband’s growing dementia would bring her to her knees, she found the faith to thrive. Writing the book, while cathartic, was the necessary outgrowth of an experience that so wanted to be shared.

“Book Blurb”

In THE YELLOW BOOK, Our Family’s Story of Early Frontotemporal Dementia, Robinson uses “a day in the life” approach to tell her story of her practical, sometimes humorous, but always poignant caregiving experiences from the near decade she spent caregiving her husband with early frontotemporal dementia. Caregiver, or friend of one, this book teaches you that the caregiving role has the need for empathy, especially when it is an early onset dementia where raising a young family is also an issue. She doesn’t advise, but takes you right along with her through the years of this rare dementia from the beginning before anyone even knows it’s dementia to getting a diagnosis. An artist, Robinson brings her fresh creative approach to caregiving up to and including after placement in long term care.

Writing my book has taken all my time. What a grueling experience. I ended up being so attached to it – giving it out to preliminary readers was like handing over my first baby for the first time to go out for the night. Anyone agree???– that baby was 29 years ago for me but the emotional memory of parting with someone who was part of my heart meant I felt like I was missing something when I was supposed to be enjoying some “me time”. Kinda like how I feel now…