In a painting style break mood I used all the paint on my palette with the side of my brush loaded with thick paint and white on the tip to involve myself in this stormy ocean venture.

After painting the 7 foot angel I just wasn’t finished with the angel theme. This one was mostly out of my imagination. I looked at this statue for some of the shape.

Springtime in the Hill Country of Texas where I live is bluebonnet season. Soon they will blanket the fields. This acrylic painting is much more detailed than my usual painting style. I can’t wait til those little flowers start springing up!

I was commissioned to do this angel. I enjoyed painting it but I had to scrape it with a razor blade to give it a worn appearance and that was difficult!

The call for artists to display at our local hospital art lending program, as well as a local group of artists I paint with encouraging me that my paintings are ready to show, prompted me to finally decide to share my art. So I submitted these three and hope they get chosen.

I painted with primary colors with the addition of white and sometimes black (where I usually try to make my darkest shade from a combination of my primaries). These three are acrylic on watercolor paper except the flowering mountainside which is watercolor. Painting on thirsty paper is interesting. Where the color glides over a canvas, the color soaks right into the paper. I had such fun playing around with the paper.