On Being Capable on Day 80 of 172 of giving up sweets

On Being Capable on Day 80 of 172 of giving up sweets

On this day 80 of the giving up sweets challenge, I am feeling capable… but with a hint of worry. I am now feeling the need to think and plan my exit strategy I scheduled for April 21 so as to not ultimately fail in this challenge. And, at this almost halfway point, I think it important to reveal that it is well worth the investment of time and effort. It is paying off in:

Weight loss,

Clearer thinking,

Increased prayer and bible study, (because His Word is sweeter),

The knowledge that I am capable.

Giving up sweets successfully not only makes me capable… of giving up sweets, it makes me capable of doing anything I ought to do. Quite simply, I didn’t think I was capable of parting with the sweet fix.

It’s pretty funny to see the reactions of people when they learn I gave up sweets.: shock that anyone could do this, guilt because they know they should, and then, “I’d never be able to do that.”

I got to thinking, what is it that makes us feel equipped to do anything? Past experience? Knowing that we can learn something new? Strokes from others? I think the most important way to feel capable is to show that you can do it. That’s why when I first started this challenge I was amazed each day at my ability to just say no to sweets.

Surely, first day back, I won’t eat a whole chocolate cake.

5 thoughts on “On Being Capable on Day 80 of 172 of giving up sweets

  1. What you are doing now, is cultivating good habits through lifestyle changes. It will not all drop away the day your vow ends. If one day you eat a whole chocolate cake, on the other days you won’t be doing that…

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  2. Good plan and good job so far! Why not just plan to make it a lifestyle? I gave up all wheat products and most other grain I’ve severely limited since 2012. Many people think that it’s impossible or unhealthy to eliminate grains but I’m happy to report that it is possible and healthy! We really do not need sweets in our diet . Are you also going without fruit ? Fruit tastes like candy when you give up candy and cookies and ice cream !

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