Painting snow on day 53 of 172 days of giving up sweets

In the Texas hill country, snow is usually nonexistent and that’s the way I like it having moved from Colorado, my snowy home for 20 years. I don’t miss driving in it or shoveling it or slipping down on it.

But I do miss the tranquility of large flakes flitting, blanketing neighborhoods in cool blues. Then there’s that Gilmore Girl breathable cold sweetness right before a snow. Or red cheeked returning sledders, huddling hot chocolate.

So I wanted to try painting snow. Oh what fun on a sunny 70 degree Texas day.

Merry Christmas Eve from the Texas Hill Country!!!

Christmas, the “sweetest” time in memory of old.

7 thoughts on “Painting snow on day 53 of 172 days of giving up sweets

  1. Merry Christmas! 🎄
    The lack of winter is one reason I moved to Colorado from here in 1999 and will move back eventually. I loved the 4 seasons and waking up to it snowing was so peaceful to me! We all want different things!

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  2. Nice painting. We have very little snow this year in Cornwall. We got 4cm today which brings us up to 7cm on the ground now. We traditionally have a 92% chance of a White Christmas, which we barely made tonight. But it is finally getting cold at -14C tonight.

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