Christmas on day 52 of 172 of Giving up sweets

Angel I painted on a 4″ canvas sitting on a table with sunlight filtering through

Christmas on day 52 of 172 of Giving up sweets

Though the melody sings for all to hear “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, Christmas time can be the loneliest.

Recently we were eating at Cracker Barrel, a homey chain restaurant with an enormous wood fireplace serving southern home cooking and a large gift shop selling nostalgic toys and gift items. As we were, my daughter and I, sitting and chatting, I notice a man eating by himself and am reminded of the loneliness many people face. No wonder a person would pick a homey place like Cracker Barrel to have a lone meal.

But then I notice another table with an elderly couple who seem to be having a sad conversation and she has her hands in his. And, yet another family has four little children all zapped into their electronics. Then there are a couple of good-looking cowboys with their hats on talking on their cellular phones.

And I am glad that my daughter and I instituted a no cell phones dining practice.

What I look forward to the most on Christmas is spending it with our family and friends who we love all year long. We will attend a candlelight Christmas Eve service at our church to sing Christmas carols and remember the Spirit of Christmas. And then on Christmas Day we will celebrate with gifts and a Happy Birthday to Jesus cake, a tradition my mother started.

And then we will take my husband a slice of that cake to where he now resides at Morning Star Memory Care since he hasn’t forgotten he likes cake. And there we will light the candle on top and sing with him Happy Birthday to Jesus as we do every year.

And I plan to partake in a small sliver.

Merry Christmas!

May all the wishings of Merry Christmas ring the good news of Christ “who came to seek and to save those who are lost”. Luke 19:10

4 thoughts on “Christmas on day 52 of 172 of Giving up sweets

  1. Your post reminded me of how much we are all different and yet all the same. You have slowed down and taken time to observe just a few people in one restaurant. All of us are going through some sort of trouble all of us can comfort each other. Never underestimate the importance of a simple gesture of compassion and love. Merry Christmas to all

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