Sad and Frantic on Day 39 of 210 of no sweets

Sad and Frantic on Day 39 of 210 of no sweets

Can you believe that here on day 39 I had a fleeting desire to eat sweets that started with a sadness that seized me and demanded I make an exception for it with any kind of sweet I could lay my hands on

I felt momentarily hugely FRANTIC about it. But why?

And, it is an unusual thing to happen to me quite like this, out of left field really. But, it happened nonetheless.

Ok. So in all reality I think the whole experience lasted less than five minutes. However short a period of time, it was still a huge difficult torment that could have been much worse.

It’s so much better, instead of stuffing it down under a bunch of chocolate, to experience the sadness.

And, being sad can be endured. Thinking through it helps or perhaps calling a friend or even having a good cry is all that’s needed. And, I’ve never wanted to eat while crying. Funny that.

And of course the best solution is sought through prayer because “The Lore is near to the broken-hearted….” Psalm 34:18

Now, that is of course better than any chocolate cake.

What have I learned today? That the problem of sugar addiction has no simple fix – even if you get to day 39.

Because: There really is a sugar monster for a picture of him click here.)

5 thoughts on “Sad and Frantic on Day 39 of 210 of no sweets

  1. So touching to see the snowman with a teardrop. I really like the way you are stream of consciousness processing on your journey. Your struggle today, with the frantic craving that passes, reminds me of when I gave up smoking nearly 25 years ago. It’s the thing that kept me going: acknowledging it was a momentary jones that I knew I could ride out.

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    • The blog is an important part I think of my progress because the writing in is itself a creation of something. All by itself. So it helps me get outside of myself and just let it all be sometimes. Great you gave up the smoking! It’s one decision at a time, right?

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  2. Good for you. I do believe that when we give up something, feeling the desire for it, out of the blue as it did to you today, is all part of it releasing out of our body. It gave you an opportunity of letting it go, sugar craving moved on, and you are way ahead.

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