Let’s play ball on day 37 of 210 of no sweets

Let’s play ball on day 37 of 210 of no sweets

Me and Mr Quaker

Steel cut vs rolled oats

Sounds like a football match! Well, it is!

Yes. And I unashamedly suit up for I the


And it’s the old fashioned Quaker kind. No quick cooking. No little packets with flavors added. I add some kind of fruit and nuts and cinnamon. That’s it. Oh and no milk.

I wrote a poem about them even! What!?

But, I, lover of oatmeal this morning gave the steel cut a try because I’d thought maybe they’d be healthier.

First off, what’s the difference?

The rolled oats are creamy and the steel cut are kinda nutty/chewy.

Are the steel cut healthier?

Yes. But not by a lot. They foul out on mouth feel and texture when chewing. They take longer to cook and seem dry. The dreamy creamy rolled oats get the touchdown with me. They stay with me very well, sticking to my ribs. I will keep on cheering them on!

4 thoughts on “Let’s play ball on day 37 of 210 of no sweets

  1. Yum, yum, Rolled Oats is mine too. No sweeteners for me either just a bit of stewed -unsweetened, just apples- and a bit of yogurt.
    You do look like the man, are you related.🤪

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  2. Oh my gosh, I think you’ve found a good costume for Halloween as you look like Mr. Oat, especially his smile and his eyes 🙂 Very cool that you tried out the steel cut. I like that chewiness but whatever keeps you getting healthier keep doing it. You’re almost 20% there, girlfriend!

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