A Sweet Relationship on Day 35 of 210 of Giving up Sweets

A Sweet Relationship on Day 35 of 210 of Giving up Sweets

I once worked with a young lady who didn’t like sweets. She’d scrunch her nose up at them like they were boiled okra.

It was a life changing event for me as I discovered this alien of a person, non-citizen of the sweet loving world. She was standing across a holiday sweets laden table from me and I was mesmerized by all the quantity and was pondering the quality making my heart race like a love affair and I was thinking what I’d do if I could be left alone in the room – well, me and the sweets, that was.

And, she, no plate in hand, when offered by the hostess, spoke against my sweet nation:

“I don’t really like sweets too much.”

And, you know how people will push the sweets just like they do alcohol. The hostess had gotten insistent and the poor lady was then blushing while still trying to smile while pushing away the offer of the bewildered hostess. I couldn’t feel sorry for her at the time but I have never been able to forget what she said and the look on her face.

Time stood still and my gaze zeroed in on her attempted grin to the hostess but was came off as a grimace and I’m just sure my own face reflected horror as my jaw dropped and my eyes widened. Mind you this was thirty-five years ago and look how my emotional reaction to it made me remember it in slow motion.

She actually was really no alien but a sweet lady. I trained her before I left the employ due to a job transfer for my husband… and she sent me a thank you note.

On this day 35 of giving up sweets I’m thinking alien thoughts too… but I think the possibility is nil that I would ever not like sweets.

But do you think it’s possible for me to at least be a little ambivalent? Maybe, at least, I can enjoy it like other things I enjoy, be it fried chicken or mashed potatoes of which I only eat a serving, (albeit with gravy – but I am a Southern girl) but my heart doesn’t go pitter-pat over it. And,I don’t need to eat a whole bucket of fried chicken. But, I have felt like I could eat an entire cake. (I’ve never EATEN a whole cake! But, I have felt like I could.)

At the end of my plan of 210 days I will not be in total abstinence any longer, but a kind of ambivalence is what I’d like to have come April when I’ve finished with this challenge.

Think it’s possible?

7 thoughts on “A Sweet Relationship on Day 35 of 210 of Giving up Sweets

  1. I still haven’t made it to give up sweets so go you!!!
    I like fried okra but regular, eww.
    Nobody should push sweets on anybody else just like nobody should push kale on anybody, ever! 😂

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    • As a child I used to cry over okra I couldn’t get down! My mom put it in stew we ate for a week. She was trying to serve healthy food on a budget. But… she always made a really good dessert. Just the ticket to it was… ear your dinner.

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  2. I can’t trust someone who doesn’t like sweets! I, like you love anything sweet, which is I guess why I ended up becoming diabetic, well that and a genetic double-whammy (both mum and dad). I find that the less sugar I eat the fewer cravings get so maybe at the end of your challenge you will turn your nose up at sweets too, and eat okra instead, which is horrid by the way! xx

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  3. If you think you’re addicted to sweets, maybe none is best. It’s like a little drinking alcohol or snorting just a little cocaine. Not saying it would be easy as we are a society immersed in all of the above. And yes, diabetes *can* be reversed through diet, at least adult-onset diabetes. Not sure about juvenile diabetes.

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