Driving Internally on Day 34 of 210 of giving up sweets

Jack going for a ride, painted for a friend, Acrylic on canvas

Driving Internally on Day 34 of 210 of giving up sweets

Pushing a stalled car where the driver is attempting to start it is dangerous because its possible to get run over. But, in my past before I ever heard about that, I helped push a friend’s stalled older car that needed a momentum to get going.

That gets me thinking, do we need a push when our motivation gets stalled out?

Both words have a common meaning. Motor and motivation: “to move”.

The former must have an external fuel source or push. The latter can come from another such as a motivational speaker. But the best motivation comes from within.

Sometimes an outside push helps but sometimes it just isn’t there. For instance I haven’t been able to find one person who is willing (as yet) to do the giving up sweets challenge with me. I thought for sure someone would be intrigued and give it a good try at least. I thought that I might have needed that kind of a push to keep going.

To be sure, there have been countless times in my life where I have needed to be the only one driving my success and pushing it! – like mastering a course or skill, beginning a new job, having a baby.

Maybe it’s helpful that no one else is doing the sweets challenge with me yet. Maybe it is better to solely depend on a continual conscious effort of heart and mind and internal drive. That way I am depending on God.

No coasting.

9 thoughts on “Driving Internally on Day 34 of 210 of giving up sweets

  1. I love the painting. 🙂 Giving up sweets is very hard for me and I blame running, but it’s really my own love of sweets. Running many miles like I do does require a lot of calories though. And it’s just easiest to ingest various forms of carbohydrates to stave off low energy and refuel after a run. My sister successfully lives on the ketogenic diet in which you eat a lot of fat and very low carbs. She is active but not a runner. I tried that diet but failed. I’m very impressed with your determination! Keep up the good eating!

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  2. I haven’t given up sweets, BUT! I wanted to tell you about what I had for breakfast this morning: steel cut oats with unsweetened plain almond milk (25 calories in a cup — note used only maybe 1/4 cup), frozen whole cranberries, and a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds. It tasted HEALTHY. YOU inspired me to do this. So no, maybe not jumping on the bandwagon but running alongside every now and again ❤ p.s. I love the painting.

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