Visiting My Husband on Day 29 of 210 of no sweets

Our Local Paper Coloring Book Section for Christmas

Visiting My Husband on Day 29 of 210 of no sweets

Bringing a coloring book is my favorite way to visit my husband in assisted living. He doesn’t color too much in the books anymore but he sits and looks through them and seems to like that I’m coloring. There are upon occasion others who will come around interested as we sit at the dining room table so I will tear pages out and hand out colors and encourage them to join in. Pretty good and relaxing way to wile away assisted living visits, otherwise I just don’t know what to do. I see other spouses come visit and they just sit and hold hands. I either color or if it’s a nice day I suggest we walk on the sidewalk out back. He always says yes to that.

Today though the visit was strange. I was there at the table and he sat for a little while looking through the color book and then he got up to go watch television. Usually he wants to stay right with me.

The workers there asked if I’d help with the Christmas decorations, painting Christmas trees for each resident on construction paper which I of course enjoyed doing. When I left, the nurses were hanging greenery and lights. They decorate for each season, successfully creating a homey feel. My husband was engrossed in Gunsmoke, so I gladly slipped out.

10 thoughts on “Visiting My Husband on Day 29 of 210 of no sweets

  1. When my grandmother was in a rehabilitation facility following her first stroke, I visited her everyday all day. Some days she would sit with me and other days her eyes would wonder and she would find TV more interesting than my conversation. Once her speech sort-of returned I asked her why she would look past me on certain days. Her response, “I figured you had other things to do than sit there with me all day.” She didn’t want to be a burden. You never know what is going through an ailing loved-one’s mind. Good luck in your journey! Thank you for your post!

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  2. Holidays are a challenging time for all families but especially when you are going through a transition. In some way it mimics grieving. Trust God to give you the grace and peace. If you ever want to just talk let me know

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