Ok, so I ate a muffin on the airplane during my 210 days of “No Sweeting”

7A66E595-C967-40BF-A03E-98E1F3F1E332Ok, so I ate a muffin on the airplane!  But not all is lost, right?  I did say I’d eat no sweets – I will consider that it was just a tiny indescretion, not enough to throw me off.  You see, I am all or nothing generally and I can derail a good (anything) by not being perfect.  So I decided that the lesson for me is:

DON’T TRY TO BE PERFECT!  Life is a mess, just try.  Try, try, try!!!!

Today is my day 19 of “no sweets”!  Plus one muffin, but who’s counting?


On Practicing Perfection

“Practice makes perfect”, the overhead lectures

Third graders’ clumsy cursive letters

And runners, knitters, dancers, bakers

Writers, poets, lovers, makers,

Perfection cannot truly be gained

Only sought.

Perfection is made, it cannot be bought

And as mere mortals, Yes! Seek it we ought!

We want it in gems and in dog breeds

Gold never tarnishing

Sparkling water from mountain streams

A mother’s love for her babies.

And in any pursuit with impurities rising,

The dross on the silver,

Or the stew pot frothing,

Life, impure, needs some refining.

But, don’t let perfection

Keep you from trying,

You run, you fall, you muffin, you sloggeth!

You human! “Practice Makes Progress!”

~Julie Robinson

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