#Octpowrimo day 29

Digital Love by Julie Robinson’s IPAD Pro Doodling.

This post is three poems in one, a pre, a Behrquain, and a post poem.  Enjoy!

I wrote this pre-poem as an introduction to the following Behrquain poem.  And, I’m not entirely sure if there exists such a thing as pre-poems, but I first wrote in paragraph form and it was just trying to pop out a poem so I just said “let it pre”.

Let it Pre

On my response

to the current lack

of civility

in human interactions:

People triggered

exploding over a word out of place

unable to put aside differences

all wounded and wounding

not listening so misconcluding

uncivil and vain

causing pain

the answer to all is in my Behrquain

Tinder Tender

In love

Do we expect

Wholehearted agreement

On everything, every problem

Settled, perfect

It is

Never seeking

Friendships, relationships

Lasting through argued discussions

But strong isn’t broken

From politics

To Christ

Too much tinder

Rubbing between people

Igniting not passion but hate

Yelling screaming fighting

What’s there so dear


Letting the truth

Come out in the converse

Plain spoken truth without hot air

And taking the time to

More than listen


Only humans

Are we to each other

Forgiving and enlivening

Growing close together

Tinder tender


~Julie Robinson

The DNA of the Behrquain

What! A post – poem now, an after toast to my Behrquain,

the shape, a double helix DNA,

beginning, creating, unzipping,

 and joining info written

within curvy confines,

a different way to think,

in round rhythm of words,

lacking rhyme, concentrating on structure,

 movement and meaning and time.

5 thoughts on “#Octpowrimo day 29

  1. Neat graphic of love networking the pre-, poem, and -post together. Experimentalism keeps it interesting. I like the sentiments expressed also. Too many strains between people with the great polarity going on. “Tender Tinder” would be a welcomed change.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Whoa that was wonderful behrquain poem and your image, I like that. Do you need a special app to do that on a iPad? I have a ipad, it could be very relaxing when times get hard under pressures beyond my control.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No. It’s just the photo editing on the iPad pro with the pen. Does your iPad have a pen? Can also do it with your finger but better to manipulate with the pen. That iPad Pro is my friend! And yes. Art releases the pressure!!!! I am a huge fan of pouring it into a poem on the canvas or into the iPad. I just use a photo and write on top of it. That one was done over a photo of my lap of all things. My dress had roses on it. Funny huh?


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