#Octpowrimo day 7

Wow it’s a week into the month. Each day That I write a new poem for this October poetry challenge, Octpowrimo, I find it a struggle at the beginning to get the poem started but then the flow goes. Getting the initial spark is not difficult because there is poetry everywhere when you begin to look for it.

Today’s poem…


How peaceful a color

But also the blues

Pinnochio’s fairy

Elvis’s shoes

Is sky or it’s velvet

And crying in the rain

It’s peaceful and tranquil

And bruises and pain

How cool in the spectrum

As chill as it goes

But difficult temper

In the bayou throes

Oh rescue this color!

Come yellow and red

To majesty and growing things

No! Get Titanium instead

It’ll lighten its load

And let its light shine

Like the rarified diamond

That few ever find.

~Julie Robinson

I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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