#Octpowrimo day 5

I wrote this poem on 10/4/2018… and it is true that I did give up all sweets 12 years ago on 10/4/2006. I remember the date because it was 10/4 in CB radio language…“over and out” on sweets because I had been eating sweets like a crazy person.  It is also true I didn’t eat sweets for 2 years and that I’m now back to sweets/crazy status.  So 10/4/2018 I gave up eating sweets for as long as I can.

I gave up eating sweets

I gave up eating sweets

A dozen years ago

For two years, absolutely none

Completely, nil, zero

Then how did it happen

Over the course

I’m back heavy on it

I need a divorce

One where I’m keeping

The pots and the pans

But it gets the mixer

And the cupcake stand

I hope I can leave it

Forever this time

I really don’t love its

Consuming my mind

It taunts and it teases

And whines its “oh pleases”

Through binge worthy

Cringe worthy mountains of eat

It’s all or it’s nuthin

Not even a muffin

Not even just one little bite

I bid thee my sweetie a “final” goodbye.

~Julie Robinson

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