PTSD? And Dementia

This current painting of mine has no storm in it. I have been painting out of my own feelings instead of looking at a picture. Sometime the strokes of paint look like something. Those little sheep had been some rocks. Sometimes it is whatever occurs to me at the time. I have painted plenty that have turned into a storm when I add to it another day… So better hold on to your sheepskins you little sweet sheep.


Because of the disability application, as a matter of course, the VA orders a psychological evaluation of the person to see if PTSD is the cause of their symptoms. In tomorrow’s post I will say how that goes. I don’t really know what to expect.

4 thoughts on “PTSD? And Dementia

  1. Hey, this is a wonderful blog and the paintings are brilliant. You stated that your husband was going for a psychological evaluation. Please ensure that they do a complete neuropsychological evaluation. The psychological will not pull up information regarding the cognition….areas of the brain affected. I insisted on having the neuropsych. It is much more helpful…regarding impulse, areas of the brain, executive function.

    Looking forward to reading and learning. Have a very blessed day.

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      • Psychological evaluations only give mental health, IQ, background information, personality inventory stuff….It will be difficult to pull out the neurological stuff…..the psych may really not be very accurate as a result…It might in fact lead to a “misdiagnosis”…..c


      • The psych eval was ordered by the VA for the PTSD disability claim. Not sure how it will all go… but I’m glad I’m pursuing it because I don’t like what it’s that come along times I didn’t follow my gut. Thanks for your valuable comments though. Will take them to heart.


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