A Book Break from Caregiving


A Book Break from Caregiving

We caregivers don’t always get a break. We caregivers don’t always take care of ourselves, neglecting our physical, intellectual, or spiritual needs. We have put ourselves last and then we are too tired to take the steps to care for ourselves. Our life pursuits are put on hold to take care of our people.  Well, I’ve been at motherhood and caregiving long enough that I thought it was high time I began a little self improvement.

So, this summer I decided I ought to read more.  So I set about the task. Here’s what I’ve accomplished:

  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (simply because it is the book that Meg Ryan’s character’s favorite in “You’ve Got Mail”, one of my favorite movies). I liked the book but am not compelled to read any more by this author.
  • Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorious.  I chose this one because it is a true story of a boy who got very ill and couldn’t move and ended up having a caregiver in his day care find out that he actually could communicate and he used one of those same computer devices Steven Hawking used and even got a job working in the computer field.  He went on to marry in this amazing personal triumph story.  I was excited to find out that he and his wife are expecting their first child.
  • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck because I was looking for a classic and felt I needed to repent fore of reading the Cliff’s Notes in high school.  If I would have realized it was such a short and easy read I would have just read it.  Well, we always knew that cheaters never win.  Just one more example.
  • A Distant Mirror, The Calamitous 14th Century by Barbara Tuchman.  I picked this book because I had tried to read it about twenty years ago and couldn’t get through the first chapter and gave up.  It is a very hard read but boy is it interesting.  I highly recommend it and it does help that I have Wikipedia in my pocket for looking up all kinds of stuff.  It’s taking a while to get through it, but it is a book because the author expects the reader to know more than about history than I do. I read it very slowly. It is to be savored even though it is about that very grueling time.

How do I have the time? I’ve got no break from caregiving, really, I just read anyhow.  And if my husband sits with me I give him a book to read too.  He likes to go through a book even though he doesn’t understand what he’s reading any longer. He’s just glad to be able to sit near me and “read”.  And, on the break from art… it doesn’t mean I don’t art at all.  I will just balance it out with a little reading. And, of course, I made my own art bookmark.  Isn’t it pretty?  I use it to place under the text to help my eyes track.

I’m also reading books in the Bible.  I’ve read all but Revelation in the New Testament and, along with my bible study group, we have read through Genesis and are into Exodus the part right after the plagues and where they have taken a detour in the desert.

3 thoughts on “A Book Break from Caregiving

  1. I agree that A Distant Mirror can be a challenge to get through, for me because it is like a flood of impressions – a true kaleidoscope of life several centuries ago. I still haven’t read it back-to-back, just dived into certain chapters. But I do cherish it even though it is just that – a challenge. It has so much depth and I am very interested in the period, so how can I not cherish it? 😉


  2. Good for you! I love “you’ve Got Mail” I took a day off and we are sitting outside enjoying the fall like morning.


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