The Blank Canvas


The Blank Canvas

I have been keeping myself from painting any new paintings.

For the past several years in “forced retirement” taking care of my husband who has early onset dementia, I have been on a self quest to learn to paint which has led to a collection of stacks of paintings ranging from beautiful… finished, mostly finished, and ugly as sin acrylic and oil paintings.  So, I’ve been taking all of those old paintings and scraping off the old paint and repainting.

But, I’ve been missing the hope and possibility in the fresh start to a brand new blank canvas begun painting.  I’ve been imagining myself painting on this fresh white canvas this morning.   I will, as I always do, study lots of pictures and look around at real life shape and shadows and I will explore the color temperature in everything.  And I hope to get right on the canvas what starts appearing in my heart and mind.  Over the years I have had the opportunity of time to be able to explore who I am as an artist, and to learn from others, but mostly to learn from the experience of doing it.  That makes me excited to start a new painting on a brand new blank white canvas today.

I won’t only be painting, but also videotaping it for my new Patreon account to show my creative process.

I love the white canvas.  I start imagining how the brush, fully loaded with color, will glide and dobble and scrumble and what the mist of water might do and the accidental blemishes where colors collide that end up being part of the beauty.  Many artists begin with painting a “ground” of a yellowish paint all over their canvas.  But, I like to begin with the white.

I am inspired to create where there are possibilities:

A blank canvas, a blank page,

January 1,  a shiny kitchen sink,

A freshly sharpened pencil,

All school Supplies but especially the crayons and the box of watercolor paint,

My IPad Pro,



and God’s Hill Country of Texas.




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