Caregiving Vignettes: “Playing Games”

Caregiving Vignettes: “Playing Games with Dementia”

This is the bottom of one of my clay owls. I think serendipitous moments are my fave

Caregiving Vignettes:  “Playing Games with Dementia”

We include my husband with board games though he can’t actually play. Since games are supposed to be fun family time, our way of playing does indeed fill that need.  He makes up all his own rules and we just let him. We have fits of giggles.

I sold the above clay owl for eight dollars at a local market. Sometimes I wonder why even bother with the art… how long it took me to form and paint and finish the little guy. But he was a moment of serendipity.

We played a game of scrabble where my husband played his words sideways and he didn’t mind that we kept removing his letters so we could play all our high scoring words .  We are serious scrabble players  and have many hours logged of family time in scrabbledom over the years.

These are moments of serendipity and craziness.  But when I consider my poor husband’s brain that seems so scrambled now… these times also bittersweet times for me



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