Caregiving Vignettes “Watering the Garden with Dementia”

Paint Pour Splash on hardboard


Caregiving Vignettes “Watering the Garden with Dementia”

I put homemade pumpkin muffins in the oven this morning.

Yes, it’s too early for Fall, but to me, after school starts at the end of August, all bets are off.  Summer, go away.  I have my warm pumpkin muffins and my pumpkin candle from Bath and Body.  That makes it Fall here.  Never mind that we are still having 96 degree days.

My husband asks if he can water the garden though I know he doesn’t really water it.  It doesn’t matter, it gives him something to do.  And, since I have been a horrible gardener – perhaps consciously killing off the whole entire thing – I let him go out there and give it a go.  I think he’s kept the last tomato plant and peppers as well as the Rosemary alive by watering it a little.  Mostly he walks around and waters wherever he’s standing in the grass.

I peeked out at him from the kitchen window where I was washing the breakfast dishes and I could hear the loud sound of the water on full blast.  He had the spray up at the highest up over the fence, watering the live oak tree in the field behind our house.

The pumpkin muffins were good, warm and gooey just out of the oven.


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