Caregiving Vignettes “Earphones for Dementia”

My Roses Painting Ipad Pro’d

(Above) I am still playing around with my new IPad Pro over an acrylic painting from a couple years back. I have struggled so much with flowers but keep coming back to them. Maybe because I like flowers? I especially had fun with the side of the pencil on the vase.

Caregiving Vignettes: “Earphones for Dementia”

In today’s writing I want to talk about the bluetooth earphones we got my husband for his television. They help bring peace to our home where we are not only caregiving dementia. My daughter is homeschooling 11th grade as well and I am keeping everyone on task (ish).


The littlest member of the family with ten years between her older siblings, I’m sure my daughter, when she first coined this enduring and endearing family phrase, was most likely at a loss for how to deal with the blaring Fox News her dad then listened to, and her teenager siblings with their music.

It’s a dozen years since then and he likes his TV louder than ever, though we tamed his viewing to Turner Classic Movies. The earphones are a solution for all of us. Isn’t it nice when a solution that works… works for all involved. That’s how I know it is right. He doesn’t just sit and watch TV with them on. He comes in to sit with me with them on and even has worn them to dinner. A little giggle is elicited at the sight of him eating dinner. I think he keeps them on and walks wearing Them because he enjoys the security of how they feel (maybe?). It doesn’t matter. They provide the peace we all need.

As I have tried to write this he has not been able to wear his earphones because they are charging. He’s been busy and needy while I’ve been trying to write.   He’s been taking the clothes off of his hangers and coming to show me each one, and talking about each piece one at at time, searching for his electric razor which I finally found for him in his television cabinet.  And while I was looking for it I found a cut electrical cord he stored in a bathroom drawer… not sure what that was from… and of course he doesn’t remember. I tried to get him to sit with me and read while I was doing a final edit, he couldnt find his glasses which is nothing new. In order to keep him busy a little longer so I could finish up, I sent him looking for the glasses and instead he brought me  dirty clothes from his room and now he wants his comb.  He can’t find his comb.  I suggest he check his pocket.  Bingo.  And he also found the note I wrote him in his pocket that says we are leaving in twenty minutes. So, it’s time for me to find an end here… for today…

Moral of the story, keep the earphones charged for peace.

The earphones work for 40 hours. If I were doing it right I’d charge them each night.

I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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