Arizona Landscape

I was commissioned (by my mother… does that count?) to paint for my brother and sister-in-law for a Christmas present. I took a picture they had sent of a mountain in their backyard and added things to it so technically they don’t have a river back there but all I had to do was paint one in. 

My brother’s dog’s name is Nick. I was recently texting back and forth with him and bantering about life and he sent me a picture of his dog who was giving him the what he calls “stink eye”.   I impulsively though I haven’t done dogs before with paint, decided I had to paint him. With his white “beard” he looks a little bit like Saint Nick in dog kingdom. 

St. Nick the Dog

Cactus spun from the Yarn Sky

I love practicing applying paint using varied methods of stroking. For some of the strokes I turned the canvas upside down.  I have smart artist friends who have art degrees and they say to look at your painting in the mirror or look at it upside down. I think it helps you see things differently. When I righted it I was amazed at the difference in feel it gave. Thank you Artists in Action. Caroline. She’s not big turn it upside down brilliant artist.  

I spent two days painting  the sky different ways. And yesterday afternoon there was a deer but then it just did not make sense in the composition so he is buried under. It’s a wonder and canvas texture is left. That’s why I love acrylic paint. It layers on up.