Skies Reflecting Color

I think a color burst happened to this painting where I was thickly gobbing on the paint. Is gobbing not a correct verb?  Spell check tried to change it to gobbling. Then it wanted to capitalize it. But pressing on I forced the gobbing because I wasn’t gobbling it like people with strange addictions. 

I watch YouTube as I treadmill and love to watch artists gob. There you go. Some do gob and say we of course should too if we are acrylic painting. Because it makes it dimensional. I was walking along at 2.5 mph which is about what I do usually and considering all my many paintings I didn’t know I was supposed to have gobbed on the paint. 

I always have a love/hate relationship with my paintings. I’m looking at those rocks knowing I need to do something about them. Add more irregular sizes?  Paint over them?  I love my sky. I am a sky lover anyhow and feel that my photos never pick up the colors brilliantly. iPhone camera I’m sure must have a setting I should learn about. Or better yet paint the sky. That’s what I’m doing. 

This ocean scene is done on paper as a sketch for a bigger canvas. Ignore I said previously that I was sorry I did the ocean scenes and was thinking of painting over them. What was I thinking?  I love the ocean and wish I could go there. I am interested in learning how the waves work and how to translate its power to my art.