I really like red but not just any red. Vibrant red. I think I must feel red emotionally. In the fall I remember candy red apples we used to almost lose a filling eating. Ever see those anymore?  I love the color of red candy apples. And red cars.  Yum on both. 

Red, while deeply attractive, can be overkill. The red sports car you buy during a midlife crisis or the red room you hate in the middle of painting it.  If you know about paint you will know that overkill… Kilz. 

I have found that in painting, red brilliantly pairs with all kinds of color. I try to think of any color red looks bad with. And it sings next to blue. Cue the flag.

I think red’s vibrancy touches the heart. 

All that about red and I prepped a canvas with shades of dark blue. I’m not sure yet what it’s going to be. Maybe a red rose or a red camaro at night. 

Here is my blued canvas next to my “Antiques” painting for color. 

In see grass in those blue streaks. 

I love antiquing with my mom. She tells stories of how they had this thing or that and what times used to be like.

I wonder if much of today’s stuff will survive long enough to land itself in an antique shop. I’m not fooled anymore by the shine and cute packaging when the product doesn’t last. I think the shop those land in is the landfill. Like the veggie peeler that couldn’t hold itself up to make it through one potato. And who do you contact to get your money back. Probably nobody cause you spent $7.99 for it and is it even worth the effort.

A special word to Ellen, Thank you for looking at my blog and saying that you like my writing because I was wondering if it was too much.  Thanks!

Anyhow back to antiques. Comfort, Texas is a favorite place to antique and have a little lunch. My painting painting is from a photo I took there last summer.  I took liberties when painting it and that is the freedom I feel as a painter when orchestrating colors and shapes to appeal to the eye. I painted around the canvas sides so this one won’t need a frame.

When I arrived to my art group last week… called “Artists in Action”, I was as I so often am… between the problem of “what to paint” and my continual desire to learn something new. I had done so many ocean scenes and quite simply haven’t really liked any of them. If you scroll down through my blog you will see them. I most likely will be painting over all of them and reusing the canvases. I won’t delete the blog posts but I feel like I should. But not really because I am blogging to document my progression as an artist. Just about a year ago I joined the Artists in Action who paint together each week. I joined feeling intimidated because all of them have varying art degrees and years of experience. I jumped in and they have been so encouraging. 

So this is Judy. She sits across from me. She is a watercolorist who works from her many sketchbooks filled with studies of people deer trees and whatever else lands in the park where she sits and sketches as her husband takes his daily walks. This is her beginning a watercolor painting as the artists are all still arriving and bustling with their exciting lives. The room was filled with light and the huge windows made the back wall a puzzle of shapes along with the wood easels.