I took a photo a few years ago of vultures that were at the river here and there was a big bag of trash that they had gotten into. When I was looking into what painting I should do I discovered I had some pretty cool pictures of these vultures and I set out to paint in a watery acrylic style with doing a little bit of dripping


Sometimes a painting is just in motion until it gets where it should be. This painting I took with me to my art club today and the ladies just loved it but when I showed them the picture on my cell phone that I had taken of it before I made some changes they all agreed that I should go back to the same sky that I had before. So I also put some yellow into the reflections of the water which brought that together I’m very glad to be a part of a very talented group of artists.

I had painted this Texas Longhorn a few months ago but never really liked it. I had been looking at it with new eyes from the aspect of color value and made changes to it but I still didn’t like it.

It just wasn’t working out. So I had to say goodbye to that longhorn. Couldn’t save him. Basically I ended up painting over the whole thing. Now it’s an ocean. How does that happen?  Well the paint just goes on and it just happens sometimes.

I painted my first peaches ever by looking at some pics online. But when peaches come out this year I hope to be able to go pick some and get some pictures to paint.

We have had no frost this year and lots of rain and I am sure the freestone peaches that grow in the Texas hill country are going to produce a banner crop. I love peaches. Before we moved here we would try to come in August or the beginning of September to enjoy the best of the peach crop. The peaches they begin advertising earlier than that are cling peaches. The difference is… The pit clings and the flesh of the peach is not as juicy and delectable. The freestone peach on the other hand is juicy and the peach pit (stone) basically falls out.

My family buys bushels to slice and freeze to make peach cobblers all year. Last year I tried a new recipe and made a peach cake with a cinnamon swirl Krusteaz baking mix. I mix in extra flour because those delicious peaches are so juicy.

Starting with the eyes I just start painting until I see what appears. It’s kinda like an owl hatchery around here right now. And the birds are calling loud now out in the trees behind my house. I have cardinals and they are the loudest and brightest birds I’ve ever seen. Cannot ever get a good picture though.

Someone asked me recently what the fascination with owls is. I’m not really sure but they are very beautiful.  I have spent a lot of time researching them and there are so many different looking owls. So I feel like I can paint them any way I want and there is one out there I think that must be that owl. Some owls look like they are smiling or have their heads turned upside down. I especially like to paint the fuzzy owlets and put glitter in their eyes. Color me an artist. I guess.