These are done with a combination of fabric markers and acrylic paint.
One time I developed a bird alphabet which I used here. The canvas needs to be ironed. I will be sewing these up soon but I would much rather invent concepts and paint.

Should this say owl wine with ya?  Or owl in a box, wine in a bottle. Wine in a box only when necessary but never owl in a bottle.

I think this little chick is wearing an owl acorn costume.  Agree?

Originally this purse’s front was the large flowers and the back got an owl because I love making them especially with the fabric markers.

This bird sings his own song.

This is a gnome door in a tree. The sign says gnome winers. Like no whiners. Of course after they wine there will be no more whine. Love creating concept art.

So my little sister said she wanted a sand castle. I want to go to the beach and make one. I’m the lady at the beach that is deep into making a sand castle with my children and hoping I am not getting sunburned.

Under the layers of paint which are now rock was a slightly different painting, fields of bluebonnets. I took the photo just outside Fredericksburg. What’s left of the original painting is the road and sign. I was going to call it red white and bluebonnets.

But it just didn’t sit right with me and I started blocking in color to attempt again some lovely fields of the Texas state flower.

Can you see the tiny triangle of bluebonnets that I just had to put back in. And along the distant road I barely dotted some in.

I think this is my favorite painting. A curve in the road.