I like to do a painting and then let it sit. Going on to other things is good as I look at it passing by as I clean or fold laundry I’m always having to look at it and ask myself what I like about it and is it doing what I wanted. I am currently studying color contrasts used for taking your eye from place to place in your painting as well as creating depth. I love how the river seems to flow from within. It’s surreal. So hopefully the eye starts at the center tree and then bounces off the right tree and to the left tree and then down to the trees knees.

You might wonder looking at this painting if the river is that green. It really is depending on how the light is hitting it. I have been wanting to repaint this as I had really struggled with it the first time I painted it. I have employed some things I have learned from watching tutorial videos on YouTube and listening to great advise from my artist friends at Artists in Action. In particular I employed color value studies. This is the before picture:

And here is it now.

A member of my art group is moving and we all are painting on this apron as a gift for her. I bought the apron and started it off and will take it there tomorrow for the others to add.

I started with white acrylic paint and then roughed in some black and brown. Lastly I used fabric markers and fluffed those owlet feathers and pinked him up.