I am a member of a group of seasoned artists who meet weekly to sketch and paint. The artists are so helpful to one another by only positively commenting and for me they encourage yet push me to be the best I can be.

The comments were:  the top wood slat on the gate needed to be smaller, toned down and highlighted. I brought in a picture of a wooly lamb that was woolier (is this a word?) than the one I had used for reference. I like him better now but intend to work a little more to add some more shadow under his little tummy.

Changes … The blue sky I thought added more depth. Added additional vines and leaves. Guess will not frame but will paint the edges.  Doesn’t it look cute posed on my grapes table cloth. I had done research on vines and had found a whole lot of grapes and just almost did grape vines. But the story is the los lamb that came to the narrow gate.  The shepherd will be returning for this one who is there waiting.