First of all I changed the name after I wrote a poem to go in the painting. Tucked under the plate and catching the breeze slightly. I had really looked hard at the painting’s composition which called for something in play as well as needing better balance. So I wrote this poem:

Sweet Recipe

Unread red text, plated with

Blushing roses,

~not upstaging~

the thickly frosted

Cinnamon rolls.

Evening allure sweetens

In curtain skirt

Sweet recipe

I added more blush to the roses and some more depth to the cinnamon roll frosting to tone down the bright they’d become especially after “tucking” the note in under the plate.

I went out in search of fresh roses that would be inspiring to paint and I bought cinnamon rolls. They posed beautifully next to my white silk roses. First I ate the gooey center one and then I arranged them on my plate and painted all day off and on. The sweet buttery smell made them the best still life.  

I want the focal point to be the glasses and I want to secondary thought of the viewer to go to the van Gogh painting and it’s mirror in the roses on the table and I intend to try my hardest to paint that then go to look as much like the original as I possibly can especially using the van go brush strokes and I’m thinking about doing the background of the wall in that same kind of a van Gogh brushstroke look but in a burgundy red tone.  So here is the beginning sketch. 

Initial block in 
And then the flowers just started blooming

I just almost made this a glass pitcher cause I liked how it was looking. But I really liked the white pitcher.  

Still need to add details but it looking oh so fancy. 

 Framed but need to sign.

Peonies are my favorite rose.  Favorite flower. I love how heavy they look and how full of tight tender sometimes curly petals. I’d really love to paint them right. This cheap board was just to practice. These ended up looking like roses but not so much the elegant peony.

This was in today speak a fail; I include it to hopefully record my improvement. 

Getting closer with this one. Peonies are sometimes really closed up. I think I want some silk ones. Or maybe a peony rose bush for the spring.

See below for the red roses that have now become peonies. I never liked those confined roses.

 Leaf detail, shading behind the roses.  Fixed the hair to give more realistic texture. I belong to a group of artists who meet together in Thursdays and do their art. We have pastel artists, watercolor, acrylic, oil, and fiber artists. Usually 6 of us.  I am inspired by their work. Today was our first meeting after the holidays and one artist brought her huge wooden box of oil pastels she asked her husband for Christmas.   Anyhow I enjoyed getting their very helpful critiques and spent most of the time there on fixing it up. I plan to show it in the February show. I think the fixes created more depth and interest.

Here it was before