I like doing portraits but haven’t practiced them much because I’ve been trying to paint to sell. I was told that people don’t want to buy a portrait. So what better way to practice than to paint someone you know and give it as a gift. So I will give this today. I showed it to someone who said it looked just like her. Yay. That’s exactly what I was going for.

This painting which I am doing for my sister has had so many design changes. And I made a huge error in painting an opaque sealer over the whole thing.  That was a learning experience. Of course I know what opaque means but I must’ve glossed over the word on the bottle. Glossed. After I repainted it I glossed it. 

I added some green to the foreground trees and the grasses and made the car window glass see-through which meant I had to consider who drove the truck. I sent the picture off to the dog’s owner and she wants to buy it. If she does it will be the first painting I have ever sold.

What’s happening in this painting:  The man in the black cowboy hat drove his pickup truck, Blue, up the same red path that took he and his Labrador mix, Jack, to town.  This day would be different than any other day the pair would ever know.  The man with the black hat, Jack, and Blue  set off.

 Jack in the back

I took a break and came back to my painting and chuckled cause my truck was floating. (Below)  So I gave it some shadow and dust. (Above).

I kinda liked the yellow sky but decided that skies just really aren’t all yellow so I gave some color.