More of those longhorns I photographed last week. This is the same one i did before. Just a different pose. The one in the back is almost exactly how it was in the background of the picture. I blended two scenes. The sunset scene was in Hwy 16 driving back from Fredericksburg. Here are pictures start to finish:


In one month I have “learned” pastels and oils and have relearned some acrylic techniques. The only medium that is missing for me is watercolor. I will be dabbling soon in watercolor. It all started with my joining a local art group and taking up pastel art for the first time since high school. I did enjoy doing it but i developed a bronchial infection while using them and figure if I wanted to carry on I would need to wear protective gear. Now art plus protective gear did not add up in my estimation to any fun at all. So i have three pastel paintings that i finished and had framed as mementos of pastel. 

Bye pastel. If they don’t sell then I will be happy to make some wall space in my living room.

Oh and I forgot to mention, how could I forget this!  In my hey day of deathly pastel fever I ordered some good pastels for portraits from France. They cost $50 which Inthoight was expensive. Anyhow they cane shipped to my home with a packaging label warning that they in California estimation cause cancer. Not they may cause but they do cause, cancer. So I mailed them back for a refund and moved on to acrylics.

I have painted, being a crafter, with acrylics for years. But I never knew you could mist your palette with water to keep it from drying. Also can mist the canvas and blend colors well that way. I dont think I paint as well with acrylics ad I do oils.  

Heaven opens, angels start singing, the glow of the light turns a golden glistening shade. Oils. 

Ok. Need I say more?  

But right away i messed totally up and after rectifying the problems cue the angels. 

Problems have youtube solutions. 

Painting right from the tube. I did not know about adding stuff like linseed oil or thinners or anything remotely smart like fat over lean. So about maybe 25 oil painting youtubes I got the basics. And do I like oil painting. 

So here are my finished products from this months learning experience. I gave one away and took 2 out I dont think are my best. But what You see here are 3 finished and framed pastels, one acrylic (red dress) and 2 oils.  

I left out my Prismacolor pencil escapades but I may come back to that. 


Acrylic Work in progress: Brunette Beauty

 I went back to acrylics for this painting because I was working in the basement with a group of other artists and I was concerned that my oil paints would be to caustic since there wasn’t good ventilation. What I learned about doing the acrylics that has really made them easier to use is a technique of using a fine mist spray bottle to keep my pellet my waist since the acrylic paints tend to dry so quickly.  

I am calling this one “Daily Devotions” … Some more changes

 Some people do daily devotions and it got me thinking about that in relation to my picture which is a depiction of how truly devoted our four-legged friends are. This dog is named Titus and was rescued by my sister-in-law some years ago he had been about left for dead and he was emaciated and his growth with us forever stunted because of his beginnings.  I believe this picture shows the devotion of people and animals to one another. When I have changed now is the sky in order to make it less cartoonish and allow for me to put some color in her face and to keep that light that’s coming from behind. So this is my first oil painting and I plan to do more in the future.