Added some oil paint

In studying artists on youtube I found that many like to use oil paints on their acrylic paintings to brighten up and give more dimension. So I researched to find that no one says you cannot do it. Of course you cannot apply acrylic on an oil painted surface but applying oil in acrylic is a very common practice. It is possible to first cover the canvas with an acrylic painting, then add oil paint to portions of the canvas, the whole entire surface or just tiny details. Here it is so far.

Let Your Light Shine

I was asked by a friend who is also a school teacher if i I had any art that I could donate to her school’s silent auction. I first thought of my recent pastel pieces (below:  see Protective Brother) but then i would have to mat and frame them which would be costly. So i discussed with her the possibility of an acrylic on canvas that would her school. The school mascot a dolphin and the motto this year “Let your light shine”. I immediately pictured a dolphin in the moonlight and ended up adding a child sitting high on a rock with a raised lantern:  a feeling that she is looking for someone to return and raising the lantern to guide them. She gets a  glimpse of a dolphin leaping which must have taken her mind off of the worry the tall waves had built in her mind. I considered including a sailboat being tossed about but decided instead that the picture story is of shining your light, hope, and the gift of the beautiful dolphin.