More paper marbling and through the printer

This paper marbling is getting out of hand 

My fingers are purple all the time. 

Seriously look in all my photos on this blog like I always have painted fingers. I think it might be true. Sometimes I can be out all dressed up and see I’ve got paint up my arm. 

But major craft/art news flash!!!  I figured out that after the papers dry it can be put through an ink jet printer. Haven’t tried laser.  


Paper marbling. 

I just loved this project I did today. Shaving cream + food colors = a beautiful mess. Some of these I tried to form flowers befor pressing the paper into the shaving cream.  


The last one I used a toothpick and rolled it in the blue shaving cream paint and applied to make some tall blue flowers. My fingers look like I just dyed Easter eggs. 

Backdrop in progress for Music and the Mind Stone Stories Adventure Camp

I originally was making the backdrop for storytelling from painters drop cloth and a tension rod but the space was just too wide and tension rods have their limits. 

So here is the backdrop in progress … 


4 x 8 insulation board is very easy but messy to cut. I have used to paint on for different projects in the past. Basically is paint on thin sheet of plastic but it works. I am presently painting a thatch roof for it. That will add an additional foot.  I created cardboard hinges and duck taped over it so it folds up nicely. I would make something like this out of plywood but I don’t like messing with heavy wood. However would be nice if it would be used over and over again. 

And those pretty curtains are Vera Bradley paper napkins stapled on. 😀

Practicing my sketching

As a teen I sketched but gave it up for painting. Hardly ever do I even sketch prior to painting. Impatient artist I guess. Nonconformist as well, but I am wanting to take more time these days and get to know the skills and techniques which in the past I have not cared too much about. A #2 pencil is quite soft for blending.   

First attempt: stone cookies

The Oreos are coated in vanilla frosting with a little Oreo cookie dust sprinkled in. The dirt is Oreo cookies ground up along with white sugar and brown sugar. I will work on the grass next time I will have much thicker frosting and a smaller tip. I tried to use fork tines to lift up some blades of grass. But not bad for the first attempt I think.  Once I get this perfected will be a nice snack for our Music & the  Mind Event:  Stone Stories Summer Adventure Camp scheduled in mid July. Maybe I will get a few little characters and cars to go off roading through this imaginative dessert. 


Paint and bubbles on watercolor paper. Love. 

First pour some bubbles into a bowl. I used a cereal bowl.  Next add a few drops of paint. Then use a straw and blow to get some bubbles. Lots of bubbles without spilling over the edge is ideal. Next take your watercolor paper and place it on the top of the bowl. Remove the bowl after a few seconds and allow the bubbles to pop. You can help them along with the end of a pencil. Here’s what you get.  


They are just like clouds. You can see all kinds of shapes. Here I have outlined some.