Music Rocks


I made these for a local preschool music class. Nowadays there is so much plastic stuff for kids and not too many different feeling things for learning. I think that the weight of the rocks will be interesting and effective for little hands and minds. Besides all that: music rocks!

My dad and his Starbucks cup underway.

Just joking around I saw my dad recently with his customary Starbucks cup and I kidded that if someone were to make a statue of him they’d have to put a Starbucks cup in his hand and do he said I should make him one. Since his birthday’s on Wednesday I thought I’d hurry up and try. Mind you I have never attempted a person nor anything this large. But here it is thus far… I am not sure if I should paint it when done.



Art with Joel. This is the picture he chose

A nice young man entered an art contest for which he had very little time to prepare. His mother brought him to me and we worked first in a clay sculpture and then with acrylic. He brought a nice picture of an old rock structure in a field with hills in the distance. Since he had very little experience with painting I showed him how to water down the paint and out on washes of background shapes. This is a very shape driven painting. My eyes first land on the triangle if green field and then to the house. He left to finish his painting. I couldn’t leave mine undone so had to finish it up. May you win that contest Joel. You are an artist!

Since I’m thinking of all my art right now as backgrounds for my owls.., talked a few into posing in front. Of course they had no choice.